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The truth about the burial of bodies in the playground in Xinchao, Hunan

2019-11-27 本站

On November 26, according to CCTV news, it was learned from the Hunan Provincial Anti-criminal Office and the Huaihua Municipal Committee that the "deeply buried" crimes dug up in the special struggle against gangsters and evil were finally thoroughly investigated, and the truth was revealed to the world. Du Shaoping and his accomplice Luo Guangzhong were arrested in accordance with the law and prosecuted on suspicion of intentional homicide; the 19 public officials including Huang Bingsong involved in the case were expelled from the party, expelled from public office and other relevant party discipline and government sanctions, 10 of whom were suspected of crimes Arrested in accordance with the law and transferred for review and prosecution; 13 members of Du Shaoping’s criminal gang were arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the law.

The 19 public officials including Huang Bingsong involved in the case were severely dealt with in accordance with discipline and law, which was a relief to the deceased and their families, and also a test of the central authorities’ compulsory force in cracking down on crime and evil. The so-called "legal network is intact, neglecting but not leaking." No crime can escape the judicial trial and the people's trial. The investigation and handling of this case ended up as Chen Yixin, secretary-general of the Central Political and Legal Committee and director of the National Anti-gang Office, said the case was handled as an iron case in accordance with the law. This is the result of a special struggle against criminals and evil, and it also shows that justice may be late, but it will never be absent.

Attorney Zhou Zhaocheng from Beijing First Law Law Firm, as the agent of the victim’s family of teacher Deng Shiping, has been working hard to advance the progress of the case. He has visited the place where the case occurred many times to investigate and collect evidence, and actively communicated with the judiciary and the local government. The victim's family has been deeply affected by the case. Zhou Lu always stabilizes the family's emotions, and at the same time pays attention to his own words and deeds, striving to create a good public opinion environment for the Hunan Public Security Bureau and the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. Zhou Lu's series of attitudes and methods have won the support of various departments. The Judicial Bureau also stated that as a lawyer's "mother family", he hopes that Zhou Lu will pay attention to his own safety and provide full assistance if necessary. From beginning to end, our lawyers were able to stress politics and take into account the overall situation, and clearly supported the political position of the central government's special struggle against gangsters. This case touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of netizens, and finally, with the attention of hundreds of millions of netizens, judicial justice has been grievous for Teacher Deng's family and the truth has been revealed. Attorney Zhou said that after the justice has given a fair trial, he has to work hard for the reputation and compensation of Teacher Deng and his family.

The editor believes that in order to eliminate gangs, we must "break the umbrella" and "open the Internet." Whether it is the "ground burial case" or the case of Sun Xiaoguo in Yunnan, only the roots have the power to crack down on favoritism, cut off the black hands behind manipulating and intervening, and sweep the gang. Only when the eradication of evil can be wiped out can the special struggle truly fight to the end and eradicate the evil.

The power of the underworld is constantly being wiped out, the special struggle continues to advance in depth, and the umbrella is destroyed one after another, so that society can last for a long time and the people can more effectively feel the fairness and justice of the legal system, and the sense of security and happiness can spontaneously and continuously increase.

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