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The Global Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Commercial Dispute Resolution in the First Year

2021-06-29 This site
The International Bar Association (IBA) Dispute Resolution International journal at [2021] DRI, has published data from surveys of countries around the world to assess the global impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on litigation, arbitration and associated methods of alternative dispute resolution. This is the second Dispute Resolution International (DRI) article about the global impact of the pandemic on commercial dispute resolution; the first was published in the October 2020 issue of the journal. These articles are based on information provided by forty-six arbitration and litigation practitioners from 23 jurisdictions in Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United Kingdom, Middle East North Africa and Turkey (MENAT), North America and South America. KWM partner Meg Utterback, along with associate He Yi and Sharon Lee, covered developments in litigation and arbitration in the United States. The articles consider changes in the law and legal practice to account for remote working. The articles review how courts and arbitral institutions have developed regimes and rules to allow parties and counsel to continue to file and bring cases to trial or hearing despite the pandemic.
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