In overseas investment, foreign M&A transactions, cross-border dispute resolution, foreign-related civil and commercial litigation and foreign-related criminal cases, you need reliable senior lawyers in these fields who can seamlessly connect with overseas.

All of the main partners at Yifa’s Foreign-related Legal Affairs Department have more than 15 years of experience in practice, being also proficient in Chinese laws and regulations, familiar with overseas investment, international legal rules and foreign dispute resolution. They also have relevant education and working backgrounds in top overseas law schools. Five members of the team have obtained doctorates, with the others all holding master's degrees. Their experience of studying and working in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy and other countries has deepened their understanding of the cultural background, legal environment and communication context of overseas clients. They can therefore provide the best quality solutions for your foreign-related legal service needs.

Yifa lawyers can assist clients in investment negotiations, grasping legal risks, or providing dispute resolution and litigation services.